Our mission is to make custom orders easier, cheaper, and more accessible to teams and businesses. Below are the options for our services.

One-Time Orders

For one-time orders, we have a few options for teams to create their custom swag: you can use our Customizer Tool or have us design and build for you.

Customizer Tool

If you have a one-time order, you can use our self-service Customizer Tool. There's no charge to use the tool and you can build, preview, purchase, and ship directly from the site. Once your order and payment is received your order will route for production and ship directly to you. This is a great option for teams that need fast service and a one-time order.

To use our Customizer Tool please go to our Customizer page by clicking here or navigating to the Create Your Own menu option above.

Shop Custom Swag Assistance

If you need design assistance or want the team at Shop Custom Swag to build the swag for you, we charge a flat fee of $40.00 per item that you would like our team to design. That design can then be re-used on other items so long as it remains unchanged. If the design needs to be changed (such as providing new colors, scaling, or graphics) it will be subject to an additional design fee. 


Subscription Service

Many of our customers want to have a custom swag store where they can place orders over time. We offer the following options for hosting your custom swag store subject to our Subscription Terms: