Team or Company Stores

Is your business or team looking to offer branded swag to purchase? Are you tired of keeping a closet full of inventory each month for branded t-shirts and gear? Then let's talk! We can host a team or company swag store for you that is only available to your team. We will print and ship directly to your members and process payments. You can choose team or individually funded options, or a mix of the two. You select the gear and provide the logos, and we will take care of the rest.

Our Customers Love Us

"People get the usable swag they want most. Companies get a much more detailed version of swag budget, spending, and effect literally down to the individual customer and orders vs the old model of ordering 300 of everything and handing it out to everyone."
- Brandon Aaron, Co-Founder and CEO of Highr1

  Grey polo with the Highr1 logo in the upper left chest  

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